About us


As a community of Finnish and Russian scholars of cultural and literary studies we express our full support for the Ukrainian citizens and colleagues resisting the attack of the Russian armed forces. As literary scholars, we are aware of how language and narratives can be used to falsify history, as it is happening now by the Russian war propaganda. We also support the Russian colleagues, authors, critics and literary scholars who openly express their solidarity with their Ukrainian colleagues and thus assert the right of the independent Ukraine to defend its language and culture. We join the writers and cultural transmitters in their protest against the invasion of Ukraine.


A short article about the project (in Finnish) is available here.

The project aims at mapping reception of Russian women writers in Finland as well as reception of Finnish (both Finnish and Swedish speaking) women authors in Russia. Reception is understood broadly, including not only translations, but also other ways texts have been moving transnationally. Hence it highlights a wide range of literary, cultural and social networks. The project connects to digital research methods as well as to research on digital media, methods and topics that have been developing in the field of gender studies over the last decades. “Texts on the Move” creates new ways of collaboration between transnational research in literature and cultural history, traditional and digital humanities. It is the first large-scale research project to study the history of Finnish-Russian literary relations from the gender viewpoint. The project is funded by Emil Aaltonen Foundation.

Pictures on the pages are from Turku City Library.