Marja Sorvari

Photo: Kati Launis

Marja Sorvari is University Lecturer in Russian at the University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu Campus. Her research interests include Russian autobiographical writing, gender and feminist studies, contemporary Russian narrative fiction, and Russian migrant writing in Finland. She is the author of About the Self and the Time. On the Autobiographical Texts by Maria Arbatova, Elena Bonner, Emma Gershtein, Tamara Petkevich and Maija Pliseckaja (2004), as well as co-editor of Mapping Experience. Essays on Polish and Russian Women’s Writing (2010), and the first Finnish-language volume on Russian women’s cultural history Naisia Venäjän kulttuurihistoriassa (2014). Her recent publications include articles on post-secularism, childhood narratives and liminality in contemporary Russian women’s prose.

In the project Sorvari examines the translation and reception of Russian women writers’ texts during the 1940s and 1980s in Finland. The research focuses on the ways in which women writers were introduced to readers: what kind of texts were translated, who were the translators and how were the texts received. A special emphasis put on the different ways of representing women’s agency in these translations. Sorvari will also study the translation and reception of Finnish writers in Russia during the same period.


Publications within Text on the Move Project:

Ylirajaiset venäläiset nykykirjailijat Suomessa, Idäntutkimus, Vol. 27, Nro 1, 2020.

Publications in UEF: