Jasmine Westerlund

Jasmine Westerlund is a literary artist and a researcher, whose life is in many ways defined by writing and reading. As a literary artist she teaches creative writing, assists in autobiographical memory work, creates poems with elderly people in care homes and fairy-tales with children. As a researcher she is most of all interested in feminist literary scholarship. She has received her PhD in Finnish literature in 2013 with a thesis on artist novels written by women. She has also produced articles on the themes of womanhood and being an artist and on the connections between illness, religion, and gender. She also takes part in the project Uuden etsijät.

She is a member of the DARIAH Women Writers in History network and has been working with the Women Writers Database/Virtual Research Environment since 2010, financed since 2013 by COST, HERA and DARIAH. Also in the Texts on the Move project  she takes care of the cooperation with the database.

email: njwest@utu.fi


Photo: Maria Vasenkari