Natalia Mikhailova

Natalia Mikhailova holds a master’s degree in Russian language and literature at the Moscow state university. Before moving to Finland, she worked at the Centre of Russian Folklore of the Russian Academy of Sciences.For the past 15 years, she worked as a part-time teacher at the section of Russian language, culture and translation at the Faculty of communication sciences, University of Tampere, Finland. She took part in the research project Post-Soviet selves in the Russian mass media 1980-2006 (the project was funded by the Academy of Finland). She also works as a journalist and collaborates with Russian-language magazines and newspapers published in Finland.In the “Texts on the Move” project Natalia Mikhailova enters data in the database of Finnish and Russian female writers and their reception, both translation and in the broad sense (research, media, public, etc.) in Russia and Finland. Her special research attention will be addressed to the kulturträger, i.e. persons significant for a particular historical period (Marie Linder in 1865-1870, Maria Blagoveshchenskaya in 1900-1940, Tove Jansson in 1980-2000).